An Ultimate Guide for Wine and Food Pairing this Summer

Nothing is as pretty refreshing as drinking a cold beverage amid a striking summer. Though you already know which type of drink you prefer, you might have to think about adapting your drink to match the meal you are yet to enjoy better. Pairing your food with the right wine can highlight and improve the flavors, making your mealtime experience quite more memorable and worth remembering. However, if you get the pairings wrong, it could make your mealtime experience bad. Hence, it’s important to take note of if something goes wrong. To know better, we will be discussing a guide for the best food and wine pairing every summer.

Salads and wines

Pasta salads

Such salads are pretty mild because they are dressed with mayonnaise. Hence, the perfect pairing for them is a dry, smooth, and white wine like unoaked Chardonnay, Gavi, or Soave.

Keep in mind that about the difference between the weight and flavor intensity as you select the best wine. Chardonnay could be low in flavor yet fully-bodied, as Riesling is a lightweight wine that has an intense flavor. You need to match both the food and wine’s flavor intensity. Or else, you’ll face the possibility that one flavor will overpower the other. Sometimes, cider and beer suit better with salads if that’s the drink you prefer.

Greek salad

Greek salad can be matched with a citrus-flavored wine, a Sauvignon Blanc that will complement the olives, feta, and dish’s dominant ingredients.

Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar salad is best paired with oaked Sauvignon Blanc, lightly oaked Chardonnay, or a dry rose.

Desserts and wine

A slice of pavlova would be best paired with a Moscato. For a classic apple pie, a Riesling would be perfect. For a chocolate dessert, try an Australian Shiraz. The rule of thumb is that the richer and darker the food is, the darker should the wine be.

Barbecued meats and wines

Barbecues are quite common during summer as you can easily grill it in your kitchen, at the public park, or even by the pool. Wherever you prefer to cook, guarantee to have the perfect wine to pair it with your BBQs. Steaks need to be paired with a full-bodied wine and red wines are the more obvious selection. Though, other white wines can perfectly suit wines as well. But, all of the meat cuts are similar. Hence, red wine might not always be the greatest selection.

Cheese platters and wines

When it comes to your cheese platter, it really comes down to personal preference since there could be many varieties. For instance, you could be wanting more hone, nuts, and fruits, cured meats, or a combination of everything. Depending on your choice, it will influence the best wine to drink. However, if you wish to taste of both wine and cheese, you may like the following pairings.

  • Blue and Riesling
  • Brie and Chardonnay
  • Camembert and Champagne
  • Cheddar and Cabernet Sauvignon
  • ouda and Merlot
  • Mozzarella and Sauvignon Blanc
  • Parmesan and Chianti
  • Ricotta and Pinot Grigio

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