Ways to Improve Your HVAC System to Fight Fall Allergies

Having an HVAC system that is taken care of properly is the solution to great air quality in your home and it is the greatest defense anti fall allergies. We will be sharing some tips for you to optimize and improve your heating and cooling systems to fight fall allergies:

Make sure that your air ducts are clean

The air ducts system produces conditioned air towards your rooms and removes stale are via return registers. Fine particles occasionally reach the air ducts and are stuck in seams. As ducts do not become clogged similar to air filters do, particles could build up as time passes by. Because of this, you need to have your duct system maintained and cleaned at least every 3-5 years or more.

During the usual procedure in cleaning your air duct, the whole duct network is subjected and sealed to negative air pressure, which makes a vacuum within a system. A rotating brush, which is operated mechanically, disturbs debris and dust within the ducts and transports them into dust bags. After cleaning the ducts, an aerosol sealant or liquid is used and then allowed to cure. Also, you can reduce bacterial growth by spraying disinfectants into the ducts.

Replace the air filter

An air filter helps trap particles, such as dust, which might cause allergies. This is one of the reasons why most HVAC industries are always reminding their clients regarding the importance of replacing air filters in their HVAC systems. Air filters should be changed once per 3 months, or as frequent as once a month on times of heavy usage.

If you recently bought an HVAC system or you have just changed to a different kind of air filter, we highly recommend for you to check it at least once per month and take down notes in terms of how fast the air filter becomes clogged and change it once it is necessary. Aside from the fact that it can help combat fall allergies, clean are could also help when it comes to maintaining your HVAC systems for them to run efficiently and smoothly.

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What damages your exterior paint?

Exterior paints are said to have shorter durability than interior paint. Professional painters in Trenton believe that you may need to paint the exterior more often than your interior because they degrade much faster and it will be a sore in the eye if you do not paint it again.  


Painters in nj says that there are three main factors that affect the durability of the exterior paints. If you are wondering why you have to repaint the exterior more often than your interior, you must keep on reading to give you more knowledge.  

Natural Causes 

Natural causes are commonly included in the main factors why there is early deterioration in exterior painting. Natural causes that we are talking about are the changes in weather and in temperature; extreme heat from a sunny weather and extreme cold temperatures when it is winter.  

If a paint is exposed all-day to various changes in weather and temperature, it will most likely to crack. The side that is exposed mostly will show patterns or signs of sun exposure like cracked paints and the side that is mostly exposed to the wetness from the rain or snow will develop black spots all over the wall or area.  

This is something that is very difficult to prevent from happening. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to avoid the effects of natural causes, it is absolutely impossible. 

Prior job 

The job of the prior painter is also a reason why exterior paint may suffer. If the painting of the exterior is badly done then it is enough reason for it to last a shorter period of time as compared to those who are done successfully.  

The materials of the prior job should also be liable because if your past painter used cheap materials that are not made to stand the outdoors then it will not last long.  

Hence, hiring professionals like Trenton painters and painting company nj is necessary because the longevity and/or durability of the exterior paint is reliant to the techniques and materials applied during the duration of their work as painters. 

Exterior Maintenance 

If you are also a homeowner who lacks maintenance in the exterior parts of your property then you must not expect that your exterior paint will last long. As a responsible homeowner, you should maintain your home even the exterior parts of it. For example, if you see a spot in your exterior that is always damp or wet, make sure that you know the reason for that and you solve it as soon as possible to prevent further damage in the property. 

It is best that you focus on these primary factors that affect the durability of your paint. When you know the dangerous factors that affects the durability of exterior paint, you can create solutions to these causes in order to make the exterior paint of your property last longer.